canna snipAre you entering the cannabis market?  Expanding from medical into recreational sales? Incorporating another company’s product into your edible?  Launching a tea or oil product? Changing from a cooperative to a retailer?

Entering and Expanding in the Market

In every scenario involving cannabis, there are many legal issues to consider.  When you are getting started, we can help you find and form the optimal corporate structure for your business, and help you decide on the best municipal or county locations with the lowest tax rates and license wait times for what you want to do.   We can provide advice on the complex local and state licensing and regulatory regimes, to determining stock distribution, to selecting and registering your brand trademark and running compliant advertising and distribution. (We also speak Canadian!)

Venture Capital 

Laura works with the lawyers of Epperly Elam to advise on large cannabis related corporate transactions such as acquisitions, private placements, and the creation of stock option/participant unit plans. For companies seeking investment or advice on exit options, talk to us sooner rather than later!  The biggest problems we see in cannabis (and all start up) exits is missteps at the early financing rounds, such as SEC and state law violations.  We can help avoid those and get your rounds done right.

Intellectual Property

Laura can help you figure out the strength of your existing trademarks and trade dress, or work with you to choose new ones. We can advise and craft effective enforcement and other responses to trademark infringement.

We are ready to assist you to understand as much as you want to learn about the regulations governing this exciting, changing industry.  Laura has many years of experience with regulated industries in California, worked for five years in the federal courts, advised major start ups on trademarks and IP and is on the Executive Committee of the Alameda County Bar Association Cannabis section as well as a member of the National Cannabis Bar.

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