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Vine represents companies and individuals producing wine, beer, other malt products, and spirits for several years.  She helps companies go from idea to product launch to consumer-facing digital campaigns and other advertising.

Social Media and Tastings

State and federal rules around social media change fast!  We can help you run a compliant campaign, whether you are using 10 influencers at a tasting event, or just 2 tweets from your facility.  We can advise on the tasting set up too.

New Products, New Facilities

Vine helps get product formulas and labels approved with the TTB, permits and licenses approved by the ABC/TTB, and navigates additive and safety issues with the CFDA and FDA.  We can help you fill white space in the market with your next great product invention, or close on a distribution, custom crush or alternating proprietorship contract.

Laura has rich experience providing practical risk assessments on regulatory and consumer/competitor actions.  She and her team can propose paths to regulatory compliance and help you take informed risk decisions.  They draft, negotiate, and review contracts with vendors, suppliers, distributors, and retailers.  They can handle disputes and cease and desist letters. They are also experienced with export controls, foreign entity checks and food safety plans.

Consumer facing 

Laura has drafted rules and collateral for hundreds of contests and sweepstakes, and negotiated countless agreements for event sponsorships, advertising buys, and tastings. She reviews and counsel on marketing collateral, digital spends, and advertising campaigns.

Charitable co-ventures, charity auctions and giveaways are all tricky territory for alcohol companies.  Talk to us first!

Intellectual Property

Laura can help you figure out the strength of your existing trademarks and trade dress, or work with you to choose new ones.

She can be as involved in your business as you would like. As a former in-house winery attorney, she knows how to deliver practical advice and solutions.

She also brews beer and kombucha at home.brew1

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