Why Hire Vine?

Efficient spend and practical advice from an industry insider.

Laura is an alcohol industry insider, accustomed to giving business people practical advice and risk assessments.  She has worked inside businesses that needed a way to get to Yes- not to hear the safe answer of no when the road forward wasn’t crystal clear.  She is comfortable with ambiguity.  She knows you do not need a 15 page memo, but recommendations including what current enforcement looks like, where the risks and ambiguities are, and if any small tweaks could make a program compliant.

From licensing through distribution and marketing, corporate entity formation and acquisitions, she has been there. She has worked on social media, IP, product creation and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s best known brands. Now you can work with her at a great price.

Cannabis is coming and it will likely affect your business, whether directly or thru ancillary channels. Get out ahead of it.

For companies seeking investment or advice on exit options, talk to us sooner rather than later!  The biggest problems we see in cannabis (and all start up) exits is missteps at the early financing rounds, such as SEC and state law violations.  We can help avoid those and get your rounds done right.

Perhaps you want to grow your brand and get it into more consumer hands- get them into the funnel toward becoming loyal customers; you need distribution advice and contracts.  Perhaps you just learned your product (kombucha!) is subject to alcohol regulations.

Or you are venturing into a new industry and would like some counsel from someone experienced with regulated industries in California.

We are here to help. We listen, spend as much time getting to know you, your team, and your business as you like and we provide practical risk assessments and proposed paths to regulatory compliance.  We are experienced in contests, sweepstakes, sponsorships, advertising buys, agency agreements, distribution deals, export controls, foreign entity and food safety plans.  We will be as involved in your business as you want.

This website does not constitute solicitation or provision of legal advice, and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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