Welcome to Vine Legal Group! 

We get it.  Consulting with a lawyer is not everyone’s idea of a good time.

Vine Legal is different.  We bring many years of experience helping people and companies navigate complicated regulated industries. We can walk you through the practical, regulatory, and commercial — some would say boring — aspects of running a company.

We will listen, and talk to you in plain English, providing practical solutions. Having worked in-house with alcohol and food marketers and suppliers for many years, Laura knows how annoying it is when lawyers refuse to answer the question you are asking. She won’t leave you with theoretical advice; she will help you analyze your real options.

We can help you incorporate, apply for licenses/permits, figure out where to seek a license, and enter into contracts.  More specifically, we have experience concluding and amending distribution deals, advising on tasting rules, trade practices and social media, drafting and negotiating vendor/partner agreements, working with charities, and sponsorship agreements or arrangements with influencers and bloggers. We have also helped prepare for FDA and TTB audits, responded to government inquiry letters, and assisted with food safety (FSMA) plans.

Well-versed in most areas of getting a product out the door, we have experience with consumer product goods companies on everything from product conception, viewing white space in a market, consumer taste tests, thru distribution, to consumer- facing experiential, direct-to-consumer, and in print and digital marketing.  We understand our job is to help you understand the risks you face and find practical solutions.



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